Diamond Electronics Limited P  wer Component Distribution

Super Junction MOSFET (500V-800V), Low Voltage MOSFET 30V, Synchronous Rectification MOSFET (SR) 40V-150V, High Voltage Planar MOSFET 200-700V, LED BLU Driver, IGBT and FRD Modules 600V-1200V, Discrete IGBT 1200V.

• Discrete IGBT's

• Low Voltage and High Voltage



• FRED Modules

• LED Drivers

World leading manufacturer of Custom Inductive Components with state of the art facilities in Europe, China and India.

• Toroidal Transformers and Chokes

• Ignition Coils

• Rogowski Coils

• Current Transformers

• Solenoids and Relays Coils

• Wound Automotive Components

Wound Components

Circuit Protection Devices - Miniature PCB Fuses, Micro Fuses, SMD Fuses, Thermal Cut-Offs, Low Voltage Fuses and PTC Resettable Fuses.

• Power Fuse for Motors

• Power Fuses for Semiconductors

• Fuse Bases and Holders

• UL Power Fuses

• PV Fuses

Circuit Protection

Leading supplier in Asia of high quality Power Conversion products. Most products have UL, CE, EN60601-1, IIC approval.

• AC/DC Converters

• Isolation Amplifiers

• LED Drivers

• DC/DC Converters

• IGBT Drivers

• Transceiver Modules

Power Conversion

Suppliers of Heatsinks, Aluminium Extrusions, Profiles and Aluminium Fabrication to the electronics market.

• Heatsinks and Accessories

• Aluminium Fabrications

• LED Cooling

• Aluminium Extrusions

Cooling Components

AC & DC Fans, Miniature Blowers, Fan Accessories, Extruded and Pressed Heatsinks, Custom Cooling assemblies.

• Axial AC/DC Fans

• DC Miniature Blowers

• Liquid Cooled Plates

• Sealed AC/DC Fans

• Fan Filters

• Heat Pipe Technology

Diamond Electronics Limited P  wer Component Distribution Our Partners Power Semiconductors

Power Semiconductor Modules - Single and Three Phase bridges, Thyristor and Diode Modules, IGBT and MOSFET Modules, High Power Solid State Relays (SSR), AC controllers, Thyristor Gate Trigger Units. SiC and custom module manufacturing service.

• IGBT and MOSFET Modules

• Thyristor and Diode Modules

• Standard and Power Diodes

• Single and Three Phase

   ULTRAFAST Bridges

Hermetic Capsules up to 7.2kV 8000A Thyristors including fast switching, Fast Recovery
Diodes, Rectifier Diodes.
High Power Modules Thyristor and Diode, Fast and Super-Fast
Recovery Diode Modules.
Power Semiconductor Assemblies and components.

• Capsule Type Thyristors

• Fast Recovery Diodes

• Pulse Power Thyristor

• Thyristor and Diode Modules

• Fast Turn-Off Thyristors

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About Us

Diamond Power Component's strategy is to create partnerships with lesser known manufacturers of power components who have been successful in other world markets with either innovative technologies or a competitive cost base.

Our Applications and Business Development team has over 60 years experience in Power Electronics market providing specialized technical expertise and engineering support to customers throughout the UK & Ireland.

Diamond Power Components is a sales division of Diamond Electronics Ltd who have been an independent supplier of Electronic Components and Procurement Management solutions to the UK Electronics manufacturing market since 1979.